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Bitchtapes: The Gray Issue!

Tunes from the Gray Issue from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

It's finally here! The Gray Issue is filled with some great stuff, some of which you can read online. But there's also some great music recommendations, whether you're breezing through the reviews section or reading Blanca Méndez's feature on how women in global bass are creating new community spaces on the dancefloor. Here's a mix of some of the music between the pages. 

1. Dessa – Fighting Fish (page 76). Parts of Speech is the third album from Minneapolis-based emcee Dessa, and features a dozen of her signature, honest songwriting (and one amazing Springsteen cover).

2. Natalia Clavier — Trouble (page 78). The vocalist of Thievery Corporation released a solo album, Lumen, in May and is a great, breezy summer listen. 

3. Melting Pot Massacre — I'm Not (page 26). This New Zealand punk-hardcore outfit stands behind their message of "decolonising, destabilising, and revolutionising music, one show at a time." Check out their debut EP here.

4. The Shondes — Nothing More Whole than a Broken Heart (page 79). Feminist, fearless foursome the Shondes are back with a new album! Look for The Garden out on September 17.

5. Shirlette Ammons — Gut Lightening (page 77). Maybe you noticed this 8tracks is "NSFW"? Well, that's thanks to this track from Shirlette Ammons, a North Carolina activist, rapper, and poet. Her album Twilight for Gladys Bentley was inspired by imagining what the 1920s blues singer would sound like today. 

6. La Yegros — Viene de Mi (page 78). The title track off of Buenos Aires-based vocalist's new album will get you in a new groove. Her album dropped this month and should be promptly added to your summer playlists. 

7. Carla Morrison  Hasta La Piel, Maracuyeah remix (page 73). This mix is almost over, so make sure to check out playlists from Washington, D.C–based DJ group Maracuyeah and those from other global bass organizers like iBomba,Dutty Artz, and DJ Ripley afterwards!

8. Eleanor Friedberger — When I Knew (page 76). The second solo release, aptly titled Personal Record, from one-half of the Fiery Furnaces. It's out now!

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