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Bitchtapes: Shoegaze Babes

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Sometimes it might feel impossible to find women playing psychedelic, synthed-out tunes. Here are some stand-out tracks that deserve more play. Get your dream pop, shoegaze, and your slow-burn noise tracks here. Warning: the last track is 15 minutes that you will not regret.

In Your Dreams: Shoegaze Babes from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

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Track list: 

Go - Grimes, featuring Blood Diamonds 

Shadows - Au Revoir Simone 

Myth - Beach House

Heaven or Las Vegas - Cocteau Twins 

Penny Sparkle - Blonde Redhead 

Farewell - Asobi Seksu 

Holocene - Autumn's Grey Solace 

NVS - Chasms

Moon is Sharp - Grouper 

Conversations - Woman's Hour

King  Woman - Dove - The Native Sound 

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A few more shoegaze gems...


Pity Sex!

And also check out Field Mouse. Shoegaze/pop/rock with two lovely ladies in the band.

Field mouse

field mouse?