BitchTapes: Metal Women

Some weeks just make you want to scream. For that special occassion, here is a mix tape of 11 women thrashing through metal songs. Go ahead—turn it up on full volume while you shout your head off this weekend about whatever has made you angry recently

The idea and band list for this mix tape comes from the great Jordannah Elizabeth

METAL WOMEN from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

track list

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KITTIE - SAFE Their first two

Their first two albums are very feminist. <3 All female METAL!

Great Share

i liket his share BitchTapes: Metal Women. yes, their first tow albumas are ver feminime

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Cradle of Filth?

Pretty sure Dani Filth is not a Woman...He may sometimes look like one, and often sound like one but nevertheless...


Some more great ones here:

"Oh don't the days seem lank and long
When all goes right and nothing goes wrong
And isn't your life extremely flat
When you've nothing whatever to grumble at?"

--W.S. Gilber

Missing some great bands

Drain STH should have been on this list! Queenadreena would have been a nice inclusion as well.


Cradle of Filth??? Oh my god, I have seen one of their T-Shirts saying "Dead girls don't say no" .......

Oh my God, I like female

Oh my God, I like female METAL

Hi! Thanks for the great

Hi! Thanks for the great information you havr provided! You have touched on crucuial points!