BitchTapes: Marriage Equality Mixtape

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Since same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide, you're going to need a perfect wedding playlist.  Portland's DJ Rhienna and I put together a mix for the summer's same-sex weddings. Like the scouts say, "Be prepared!"

BitchTapes: Marriage Equality Playlist from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

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Cosmic Dancer — T. Rex 

Adore — Prince 

Proud Mary — Tina Turner 

The City — Patrick Wolf

When I Say Wife — Jonathan Richman 

If There’s Such a Thing as Love — The Magnetic Fields 

Everyone’s in Love With You — David Byrne

Indestructible — Robyn 

Power of Two — Indigo Girls 

Strawberry ’79 — Wishbeard 

End of the World — Matt Alber 

Figure 8 — Lovers 

This mixtape was originally posted in 2013 and updated for today's big news. 

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