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BitchTapes: It's Money, Honey

It's Money, Honey from BitchTapes on 8tracks.

It's Friday, which means (at least for some of us) that it's payday! Which for most of us also means being able to pay rent, go grocery shopping, and splurge on a microbrew instead of PBR at the bar this weekend. This playlist, inspired by Hall & Oates' "Rich Girl," is all about women's relationships with the green: wanting and needing it, wishing and working for it, pretending to have it, and not caring either way.

1. Free Money-Patti Smith

2. Rich Girls-Schwayze

3. Bills, Bills, Bills-Destiny's Child

4. Beautiful, Dirty, Rich-Lady Gaga

5. Kiss-Prince

6. She Works Hard for the Money-Donna Summer

7. Money-The Flying Lizards

8. Common People-Wlliam Shatner

9. Rich Girl-Nina Simone

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Bizarro Lady Gaga baritone.

That Gaga song is seriously wonky partway through - sounds like somebody pitch-shifted her down to 33 rpm but left the rest of the track at 78. o_O

Great playlist, though!

Thanks for the heads up! I

Thanks for the heads up! I uploaded a new version of the track, hopefully it's not a surprise remix this time.