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BitchTapes: Eight Songs About Periods

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This mixtape started as a joke, of course. I read an interview this week with Seattle band Tacocat about their song Crimson Wave and thought it would be funny to make a whole mixtape of songs about periods.

It turns out Tacocat's in good company: there are a surprising number of upbeat songs featuring women rapping and singing about menstruation! I found seven other songs about periods—plus a bonus track of Maragaret Cho rapping—and am happy to present 28 minutes of vag-tastic music.

Shark Week from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.



28 Days – U.S. Girls

Crimson Wave – Tacocat

Shark Week – Hand Job Academy

On the Rag – Pulsallama

Heavy Flow – Toast

My Red Self – Heavens to Betsy

Happy and Bleeding – PJ Harvey

Period Piece - Lena D

My Puss – Margaret Cho 

Listen to more than 200 Bitch-made feminist mixtapes here. Thanks for Megan Seling for enabling this mix and Douglas Wolk and Christen McCurdy for song suggestions. 

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No PMS Blues by Dolly Parton?

No PMS Blues by Dolly Parton?


What is this song and why didn't I know about it?

Bitch Media Online Editor

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Here ya go!

Another candidate for Volume

Another candidate for Volume 2: "Blood in the Boardroom" by Ani DiFranco.

Lunch Lady - - Motherwort

From Vancouver/unceded coast salish territory

'Bloom' by Gigolo Aunts. But

'Bloom' by Gigolo Aunts. But that's pretty obscure. :)


Bledsung is a bloody good period song!! Here's a live version:

Polly Wood ~ Soulful, Feminine Rhythm & Rhyme

"Always" by Evalyn Parry

"Always" by Evalyn Parry

my anthem.