BitchTapes: DIY Feminist Punk Still Rules

Big exciting news! Bitch has now put together 200 mixtapes. That's right. We have 200 free feminist mixtapes highlighting the music made by women, queer performers, and people we love.

This 200th mixtape is a return to lo-fi roots. Stick Shift Records, a DIY feminist punk record label run by two ladies out of their apartment in Burlington, VT, curated this compilation of bands from all over the world. It's sort of a compilation of B-sides from bands whose albums Stick Shift has released, featuring a range of punk rock styles. 


DIY Feminist Punk Still Rules, OK!! from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

If you like these bands, Stick Shift Records is generously offering two more free compilations at their site, go check 'em out.  


Nature of the Game - Damn Broads! 

California Surfing Dracula - Bad Behavior

Maybe - Girlcrush

Supersize Me - Sarchasm

Colder - Paths

Plastic Revolution - Doll Fight

The Fool - Poxy

Devil Town - Correspondences

Thirteen - The n-11

Intersectionality Song - Not Right

Windergirl - 404ERROR

This Modern Age - Snotrocket

Up the Queer Punx - Penguin

I Hear Things Are Just As Bad Down in Lake Camplain - Gorgon

Nothing - She Hoos Go

Enslaved in the Land - Breadline

Triumph of Evil - Tall Girl 

Got Killed - Dead by Pregnancy 

Let you Down - Lilidollrage

Psychadelic Queen - Thundera 

Letters from BHU - Robrics

Factory Girl - Penny Dreadfuls 

Los Angeles - Stop Sink 

The Better End - Potty Mouth 

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Haven't heard new ska for about 12 years... thanks!