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I'm going on a cruise tomorrow, and I've compiled a list of songs to put me (and you!) in a cruisin' state of mind. Though I'm imagining myself jamming to these tracks on a massive boat wearing a caftan and some wide-legged pants—daiquiri in hand—they're also great for dry-land listening. So grab your boat drink and let's set sail on a wave of cruisic!

    Track list:
  1. Ease Your Feet in the Sea: Belle and Sebastian. Dippin' our toes in before we set sail!
  2. Oceanside: The Decemberists. Setting the mood with a little oceanside pillow talk.
  3. Orinoco Flow: Enya. Sail away! Sail away! Sail away!
  4. The Sea is My Soil: Astrud Gilberto. What would a cruise be without some Gilberto?
  5. Sloop John B: The Beach Boys. I love this song, but I hope the first mate doesn't get drunk and eat up all of my corn on this cruise.
  6. Girl Sailor: The Shins. "Sail her, don't sink her"!
  7. Rock the Boat: Yo La Tengo. A cover, yes, but a fun one.
  8. Boat Drinks: Jimmy Buffett. My entire cruising philosophy comes from this song.
  9. Cruisin': Huey Lewis and the News. Obviously!
  10. Sailing: Christopher Cross. The last track on the mix, to take us into the sunset in style.

If you have a cruising song to share, leave it in the comments! Bon Voyage!

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love this! echo & the

love this!

echo & the bunnymen - seven seas
go sailor - bigger than an ocean
the 6ths - the sailor in love with the sea
sebadoh - ocean
billie holiday - a sailboat in the moonlight
magic kids - sailin'
best coast - over the ocean
styx - come sail away

Somewhere....Beyond the Sea!

Somewhere....Beyond the Sea!

bobby 4 eva

LOVE that song.

Kjerstin Johnson, editor-in-chief
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Me too!

I love it too and I could have SWORN I had a digital copy but I couldn't find it for the life of me. If someone emails me an mp3 version I will totally add it to the mix (hint, hint)...

Kelsey Wallace, contributor

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