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Bitchtapes: Canadian Lady Bands

If you can tear yourself away from Jhameel this weekend, tune into Bitchtapes, where this week you can listen to all-female bands from the provinces!

1. Love and Sas - Don't Stop Now
This R&B group never got as big as the USA's TLC, but their fun pop tunes deserve some recognition.

2. Lesbians on Ecstasy - Bitschy
Electronic Lezzies on E is actually covering "All Women are Bitches" by Fifth Column (see track 7) on this song, but it's hard to pass up a good reclamation!

3. Hunter Valentine - Break This
This song is off this trio's earlier Impatient Romantic, but look for their new album Lessons from the Late Night out now.

4. Pony Up! - Shut Up and Kiss Me
Nothing says "I love you" like complete resentment (and you can tap you foot to it, too).

5. The Be Good Tanyas - When Doves Cry
How many folk bands do you know who cover Prince?

6. Tegan & Sara - Alligator
Everyone's favorite cute-coiffed queer sister band hails from Calgary, Alberta

7. Fifth Column - Donna
This punk band would have male go-go dancers at their show.

8. The Corn Sisters - 90 Miles an Hour (Down a Dead End Street)
Is it possible for me to make a Bitchtapes without something by Neko Case? Yes, but I don't like do it! The Corn Sisters, a project with Carolyn Mark is just one of her Canadian collaborations.

A big thank you to ex-Bitch intern and (my Canadian pal) Shaamini!

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no organ or (my personal fav) vancougar?


Seriously! The Organ ( and Vancougar ( are such excellent bands. I highly recommend that everyone checks em out :D

Canadian Lady Bands

Amazing Kjerstin! Fifth Column has stolen my heart. Stink Mitt (current rap-duo), Clover Honey (90s garage/grunge), The Dishrags (70s punk), Pony Da Look (current new wave) and Myths (current electro-punk) all kick northern ass too!

Keep 'em coming!

Suggestions, that is, I'd be happy to make a second Canada-ladian band mix!

Thanks mel! : )

Did someone say "Comments Policy"?

Kjerstin Johnson, editor-in-chief
Did someone say "Comments Policy"?

Julie D

Julie Doiron, too! I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day is fantastic!

I've liked you for a thousand years...

Plumtree! They've been gone for a while, but this alt-rock band from Halifax is getting a resurgence of interest thanks to the Scott Pilgrim movie (the character Scott Pilgrim was named after one of their songs, which I think is on the movie's soundtrack album).

I think it's important to

I think it's important to give a nod to Cuddlecore legends from Vancouver, Cub! There are some good additions in the comments and the list could seriously rattle on forever...

to me, cub IS Canadian lady

to me, cub IS Canadian lady music.

more great canadian bands!

The Pack A.D (Vancouver)
E.L.S (Vancouver)
Jenny Omnichord (Ontario/sackville NB)
White Lung (Vancouver) - 3 ladies, 1 dude

The Organ needs a place on

The Organ needs a place on that list for sure, along with Carmen Townsend, Kathleen Edwards, Po'Girl, Romi Mayes, Amelia Curran, Holly McNarland, Jill Barber and a host of others. We have an abundance of wonderfully talented performers here.

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