BitchTapes: Brooklyn's Afropunk Festival

It's your lucky day! Brooklyn's Afropunk Fest isn't until the end of this month, but the festival organizers put together this special sneak-peek mixtape for us! Put this mixtape on repeat for the next two weeks.

AFROPUNK FEST '13 Mix from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio.

If you're in New York, make sure to stop by Afropunk Fest on August 24-25.  Bitch Media writer Laina Dawes had this report from the festival last year

Here's the playlist: 

playlist for this mixtape

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I already knew AFROPUNK was

I already knew AFROPUNK was gonna be hype, but this mix is making me SUPER hype! shout.out! this shit is gonna be EPIC!!! BROOOOOKLYNNNNN

Wow! This mixtape is making

Wow! This mixtape is making me sooooo hype! Can't wait for the festival on the 24th and 25th. Check out the lineup