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Michelle Sternberger is a chiptune artist—she makes intricate electronic music using retro gaming consoles and 8-bit computers. 

To mark the release of a new album featuring her songs, Tribute to Depeche Mode: Enjoy the Science (which came out June 10th from chiptune collective 8-Bit Operators), Sternberger made this 8-bit mixtape especially for Bitch. That's her dishing up a baking tray of Gameboys on the cover of the mix, which is a collection of songs from Sternberger's two bands, ComputeHer and 8-Bit Weapon, as well as songs she chose to highlight from 8-Bit Operators' work. Sternberger used a Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, electronic drums, and vocoded vocals to make the songs on this tape. One of the highlights: her chiptune version of Depeche Mode's song "Strangelove."

ComputeHer's Bitch Mag Mixtape feat. 8-Bit Operators by Receptors on Mixcloud


2-ComputeHer-That's Good 
4-8 Bit Weapon & ComputeHer-Eleanor Rigby 
5-Bacalao-But Not Tonight 
6-8 Bit Weapon-Jerkin Back and Forth 
7-Herbert Weixelbaum-Enjoy The Silence 
8-8 Bit Weapon-Closer 2.0 
9-Saskrotch-Beautiful World 
10-ComputeHer-New York 
11-Aonami-(Set Me Free) Remotivate Me 
13-8 Bit Weapon-Bits With Byte 
14-GOTO80-Boys Say Go 
15-ComputeHer-Burlesque Show 
16-Burnkit2600-Auto Mowdown 
17-firestARTer-Everything Counts 
18-8 Bit Weapon-Enjoy The Silence 
19-8 Bit Weapon-Spacelab

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