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Bitch's second audio adventure

Time out from our fundraising adventure to share our second podcast with you: The Genesis of Genesis. Go have a listen!  

Love what you're reading here? Then you'll love Bitch magazine. The reviews are snappy, the analysis in-depth, the writers are downright sharp, and the illustrations so often belong in a frame that you'll have to move over other artwork.

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Sighs... foiled yet again

Okay, so I love you people and I love all the content, both online and print.

But you have deaf supporters, y'know? Couldn't make heads nor tails of the video -- top-notch lipreading skills notwithstanding -- and now this.

Transcript? Help?


We'll get a transcript up as soon as possible! Thanks for bringing this up.

Take note: Opinions expressed are those of their respective authors, not necessarily those of Bitch. Dig?

Video transcript is up

Sincere apologies for not posting this in the first place. Underneath the video is the transcript. Podcast transcribing is next.

you got it!

I just fed the weiner dog some chow. I can't bear the thought of you following me into magazine publishing oblivion. Rock on ladies!