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Bitch Throws One Fine Party!

Events are funny beasts - we spend so much time planning them - there is worry, stress, debating over whether there should be candles or whether the program should have the mission statement on the front page or inside back cover - and then when the big day comes they take on a life of their own and magically, everything works (or doesn't but that is another blog post). I just had to write about the auction we had last Saturday night - sm[art] *art show and silent auction to benefit Bitch, because this one worked!

It was amazing - people came! they had fun! They were bidding on art (oftentimes hard to sell at auctions!) they ate and drank! they danced! We had a stupendous auction committee, great volunteers the night of and we threw one rockin' party and raised some money to boot.

We'll need tips for next year, so all you development, event and event attendees out there, please send you perils of wisdom my way.

(once i figure out how to link photos, you'll see some here - please check back!)

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