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Bitch Radio: "We're Here, We're Beer, Get Used to It"

portion of the underground cover that shows tiny fish cut out of paperTune in to this episode of Bitch Radio to hear an audio version of "We're Here, We're Beer, Get Used to It: Brewing up a tasty new paradigm for female beer enthusiasts" from the Underground issue of Bitch.

Transcript on the way, or you can find the article in the print and digital editions of the magazine.

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You can listen to the podcast right here, or you can subscribe to Bitch Media on iTunes to download it and listen on the go. (The episode is also available at

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I would love to do a podcast

I would love to do a podcast with other female homebrewers, brewers, beer enthusiasts. I'm starting class for practical brewing this spring, and (fingers crossed) have been talking to a manager at a microbrewery run by a brewster here in Detroit this spring.