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Bitch Radio: Katherine Don Talks to the F-Word Podcast!

For this week's episode of Bitch Radio, we're featuring a segment from fellow feminist podcast, The F-Word. In October, Katherine Don, Bringing Up Baby guest-blogger, spoke with Laura Wood about the politics of choice and childbearing, as well as representations of birth and maternal health. If you'd like to check out the full, 50-minute F-Word podcast, you can check it out here!

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Thanks so much for posting this!
I generally fly by any posts that look long- somewhere between trying to run your own small business and take full time graduate classes you find that there isn't time to do any extra-curricular reading.

So, when I saw that I could listed to this I was all about it.
My partner and I have been talking about having kids and we are planning to start in a little over a year. So we are definitely in baby mode. We are planning a home birth and already have a midwife in mind.
And yet I had no idea about the Bringing up Baby blog posts!

So thanks so much for this quick little post. It helped me to find the bringing up baby posts and I am already itching to read through every single one.

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