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Bitch Popaganda: It Should Be A Crime Edition

In this episode of Popaganda, Kjerstin, Deb, and Julie chat about AMC's new series The Killing, Slate's confusing article on gerontophilia, and the revelation that the Candies' Foundation spent seven times the amount on Bristol Palin that it did on preventing teen pregnancy.

Plus! Everyone's favorites: Kjerstin is looking forward to the Thao + Mirah album out soon from Kill Rock Stars, Deb is digging Shannon's Sweet Valley High blog, and Julie highly recommends the BBCs television series Downtown Abbey.

Links from this episode:

The Killing [AMC]

Too Old To Hold: The mystery of gerontophilia by Jesse Bering [Slate]

Candie's Foundation Pays Bristol Palin $260K, Gives Little To Actual Initiatives [Jezebel] (oh, and that PSA)

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