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Bitch in Brooklyn

Perched on a Brooklyn patio in still-perfect weather, Lisa and I mapped out our time here. Then it was off to our first fundraising house party, hosted by Jennifer Baumgardner—who's interviewed in our current issue about her new book, Look Both Ways: Bisexual Politics.

Apparently, the wording on our invitation caused some confusion, and several attendees misinterpreted the phrase "Bitch magazine heads East" as Bitch magazine is moving East, and we were sad to disappoint them with the reality that we're settled in and loving Portland.

About 20 people came—including contributing writer Tammy Oler; Barnard librarian Jenna Freedman, who helps run Radical Reference (know it, love it!); Tara Roberts, incredible founder of the sadly now-defunct magazine Fierce; Leora Tanenbaum (pictured below with Lisa Jervis), author of Slut: Growing up Female with a Bad Reputation, among other books; and Deborah Siegel, author of Sisterhood Interrupted: From radical women to grrls gone wild.

Lisa Jervis and Leora Tannenbaum

Thanks to Jennifer and everyone who came out to support us. We couldn't have asked for a better start to our fundraising trip.

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Fierce Magazine

Does anyone know how could get ahold of any of the old issues of Fierce?