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Beer Fun(d)

A lovely group of folks has organized a monthly Bitch-themed Think and Drink at the Florida Room, a local bar here in Portland. I had the pleasure of attending this month's meet-up, where we talked about everything from Hillary versus Obama, dogs versus cats, and cranky farm pigs and their geese friends (what can I say, I love me some animal stories?). They even fundraised for us! Apparently they heard the news that Briar likes her beer...

beer fund!

Thanks to all who came out, and thanks to Briar for the blog headline!

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i want to move to portland

so i can drink beer and talk about why cats are better than dogs.  In public.  I do that at home already.

Anna Breshears

yes, please move to portland

I need the back-up on the cats versus dogs debate!

can't we all just get along?

i am a confirmed crazy cat lady, but i also love dogs! dogs are adorable and you get to see lots of them just walking down the street.

cats are still the best, though.

cats don't smell

nuf said.

Anna Breshears

Cat's may not smell...

but their litter boxes certainly do!

Take note: Opinions expressed are those of their respective authors, not necessarily those of Bitch. Dig?

dogs eat turds

'nuff said (again).

Dogs are Gregarious, Cats are Dignified

A dog (must be longer than my forearm to qualify as such) will always be ready to jump into a lake and wrestle with you over a stick, while a cat may decide to settle in your lap for awhile to receive attention. Dogs never miss an opportunity to greet you warmly, especially when you are feeling down. Cats may decide to show if you seem likely to grant them as much comfort as they will be giving to you.

Dogs will drool, rip apart favorite shoes(though this can be a dog/cat activity), track in pounds of mud, forget their own strength and frighten guests. Cats will almost always be clean, will very rarely drool, tend to only destroy furniture when not given scratching posts, leave paw prints on your freshly washed car after you have returned from a roadtrip and make guests smile.

Which one is better? A question for the ages, but in the animal kingdom, only one of the two can lay claim to Bitch.

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