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Athens Boys Choir Sings Away My Midweek Blues

Wednesdays can be rough.  They're just a bit too far from the previous weekend to complain that you're bummed it's over and not quite close enough to the next weekend to revel in its proximity.  In order to help you get through your Wednesday, I've thoughtfully selected a fantastic video by the amazing Athens Boys Choir.  Check it out:


I love that Katz (and company) celebrate all genders and sexualities in a way that's catchy and fun. Plus I kind of have a crush on him. Any Athens Boys Choir fans out there?

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Definitely cheered up my

Definitely cheered up my rainy day!

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I have to admit, after being

I have to admit, after being subjected to a lot of his music (being trans in Athens, that kind of goes with the territory), I often find myself singing "Fagette" when I'm alone...

Oh, and it was rather neat to get to meet him last year. He is cute in person.

I <3 Athens Boys Choir!

Is there anyone who *doesn't* have a huge crush on Katz? That boy gets me through hump days like whoa.

I adore Katz! Thanks for

I adore Katz! Thanks for posting this video- it's on of my favorites!

Heck yeah

Yes, I'm a fan too! Saw ABC open for Ani in Eugene a couple of years ago. What a tremendously fun concert THAT was. Retweeted your post, btw. Thanks for livening up my Wednesday, Bitch! (I may reblog this one after our editorial meeting ... )
--Suzi (arts ed at the Eugene Weekly & on Twitter here.)

athens expat says hell yeah

man, that boys choir was always an awesome show in ATH! glad to see katz making an appearance here, and in a fabulous music video no less - good thing, too, 'cause katz's rhymes rule and he's a real sweetheart.


I saw this a few months back and just finally managed to get it out of my it's back!

You have to see the one he did using his bat mitzvah footage--it's hilarious! (although maybe it might be funnier for me since i'm a half-jew from long island, and have many memories of being 13 at bat mitzvahs...)

Athens Boys Choir=Good Times

My friends and I once blasted this song while driving by a Prop 8 protest. All the lovely No people totally appreciated it and danced a little.

One of my professors is in

One of my professors is in this video, I was very excited!

Jewish homos!

I love that Bat Mitzhah one too. He's making a new video for that song right now! I found this on the director's site. Jewish homos unite!


Dis video brought me joy. Keep up the good work.