April Foolz!

OK, I know everyone doesn't like Jezebel.  Sometimes I don't, but mostly I do - it can be informative and amusing much of the time.  Now that my disclaimer is out of the way, they've got a funny April Fool's joke going on right now and are writing the site as though it has been purchased by CondeNast.  From the "new" editor's letter:  "For starters, there will be less focus on issues that dominate the six o'clock news (isn't there a limit to how much upsetting news a person can take?) and more on what it means to be a contemporary American woman. Sure, there's an exciting presidential election going on, but those happen only once every four years; the importance of feeling beautiful is timeless."  All posts will reflect this new direction.  Expect to hear more about purses, shoes and kittens (no offense to my favorite blog).


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