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Where did this word come from? 

Every time I hear it, a similar jolt goes through my body. 

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I'm Polish, and in Polish

I'm Polish, and in Polish the word "skurwysyn" (roughly equivalent to "motherfucker" in usage) means pretty much "son of a bitch". So what is it with swear words having something to do with women, and specifically with mothers? Ania

I looked on Wikipedia (you knew I would)

Wikipedia has this to say on the subject: "The literal meaning of this word is 'one who engages in sexual intercourse with his mother', accusing him of committing an act of incest." However this is seemingly contradicted a few sentences later: "Douglas Botting claims the term originated among black GIs in occupied Germany, referring to someone sleeping with a German war widow; i.e., getting sex he didn't deserve so she could feed her children."

of course you did

and of course i didn't even think to do that. i love that it gives the literal meaning.

i should have clarified, lest i be seen as too much of a word hater, that i actually love the word "fucker."

Getting Clarification...


is that still legal to use?

Here is what Wikipedia has to say....

The word "horseshit" is often used in vulgar slang as a synonym for "bullshit" to refer to nonsense.
The usage of "horseshit" (a less common term) differs slightly from
"bullshit". People may refer to their own statements and presentations
as "bullshit", as in the traditional folk saying,
"If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit".
"Horseshit" is more often used as a reactive exclamation or profoundly
distrustful assessment.

Bullshit can also be a noun. e.g. "Don't give me that bullshit." The
common expression "Don't give me that" probably arose as a euphemistic

"Bullshit" implies dubious credibility with an understood lack of
true malevolence, whereas "horseshit" suggests uncompromised ignorance
or deception. "Horseshit" carries with it a certain connotation of
indignation; stating that something is a "load of horseshit" usually
implies that the speaker feels somehow cheated or wronged by the
current situation, whereas calling something "bullshit" can imply
anything from indignation to a joking and good-natured intent.



i'm checking with the horses, but i think so

but you're on your own as to when to use that over bullshit. sounds complicated. maybe you could make a guidebook?

Ok, I'm no expert, but here

Ok, I'm no expert, but here is what I had heard before and now found online again:
"Motherfucker actually comes from the old slave system and was a reference to the slave master who raped our mothers ..." .

Not a pleasant word at all. However, that web site goes on to explain that now it is used like the word f&*%, meaning used to express different meanings in a conversation.