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And the Winner of the Bitch Infomercial Contest is...

LTJ Films and Bring Your Own Improv, with this amazing infomercial:

For their excellent work, these folks will receive a lifetime subscription to Bitch! (As well as all the fame and fortune that this website can provide.) Thanks to Beth Czerny, Beth Hicks, Mary Ferrara, Valerie Fogg, Adam Kennedy, Jimmy Sorel, Henry Ben Clarendon, Laurelin Sitterly, Mel Dupont, Daniel Lee White, Amber Guillet, Ryan Soper, Thomas Barganski, Chris Magdalenski, and anyone else who may have worked on this for your hilarious, informative, and ridiculously good submission. A well-deserved win, indeed.

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Haha. I love this!

Haha. I love this!

I'm looking forward to know

I'm looking forward to know what this bitch magazine is all about.