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This Open Comic to the Supreme Court Makes the Affordable Care Act Fun (Really!)

Bitch contributor and super-smart cartoonist Jen Sorensen has an "Open Letter to the Supreme Court About Health Insurance" up at Kaiser Health News that is totally worth a read/look. I know what you're thinking (that a mere conversation about insurance can be depressing, let alone an illustrated comic), but Jen's piece not only breaks down the Affordable Care Act in a way that's easy to understand, it's also really charming and funny! (And especially relevant for freelancers, whose health care costs are ridiculously high.)

a panel from the comic. The Jen character sits on the table at a doctor's office. She says How much is THAT going to cost? and the doctor says Don't worry, you have INSURANCE don't you?

Read the whole thing here, and let's hope the Supreme Court does the same!

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