A Trip Through the Blogosphere

There's a lot of fun/interesting stuff happening in the blogosphere today! A sampling:

• A great interview from The Guardian with Gabby Sidibe. Be prepared to get irritated when she talks about how everyone conflates her with the character of Precious.

• Interesting piece at The New York Times on expectations of motherhood in Germany

• Latoya Peterson's insightful take on the ten most bizarre sex ed videos. Boys beware! (Women's periods and gay men in cars are dangerous!)

• Veronica Arreola on why she supports women-focused relief organizations. The first comment is someone calling her a sexist, of course.

• Jessica Valenti responds to Nina Power's claim that she is a "consumer/self help" feminist.

• Judith Warner on Elizabeth Edwards' public image in the light of Game Change

Any other links you'd like to add? Put them in the comments section!

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Feminism and Alcohol

I wrote this a few weeks ago on how alcohol use is a feminist issue and why. There is a lot of evidence to back up why, as well.


Can I promote my own site?

I'm contributor and managing editor for re:Cycling, the blog of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research. We write about menstruation, menopause, and women's health, especially socio-cultural aspects. This week, we've written about Jane Lynch's lucky tampon at the Golden Globes, research on a new treatment for uterine fibroids, SNL's series of unfunny ESPN skits sponsored by feminine hygiene products, the popularity of blood-red lipstick, ways of re-framing menstruation, and the best pain relievers for cramps.

And it's only Wednesday!

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