HUES: Hear Us Emerging Sisters

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HUES Magazine

This is the magazine I've yearned for ever since I realized how shitty Mademoiselle and Seventeen made me feel. A strongly womanist/feminist magazine for women of color, it succeeds where all others have failed: combining fashion and lifestyle topics with serious sociopolitical analysis in an ethnically diverse setting with both integrity and ads. Two of the editors are former Sassy interns, and it shows in the little things like the record review rating system and more broadly in the ironic co-optation of old-school girl-mag themes. But HUES takes the feminist vision several steps further and speaks directly to the issues that Sassy always tiptoed lightly around. Highlights include a roundtable discussion on black women and feminism, an article on masturbation, and a PMS fashion spread. HUES gives me hope for the feminist publishing future, as well as a whole lotta readin' pleasure.


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