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Might Magazine

Silly blurbs about Manhattan bars; mocking interviews with bubbly young celebs; features on why you should quit your job, David Hasselhoff's mall tour, the rampant hypocrisy among DC lobbyists, and the folding of Lies of Our Times. Oh, yeah, and ads. Lots and lots of ads. Issue #8, with an ad on the cover and a flap proclaiming "Might sells out," goes where no magazine has gone before. Not only have they sold every bit of possible space ("Goldschlager would like to point out that you are on page 48..."), they write about it. "Might welcomes all correspondence. All letters are subject to editing for space, content, and/or appeal to current or potential advertisers." By making visible the usually hidden relationship between advertising dollars and editorial content, Might subverts every ad in its pages. By selling out so loudly and explicitly, the mag actually avoids selling out at all. Neat-o.


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