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From the Archive: Wack Attack

From the Archive: Wack Attack
Article by Jaclyn Friedman, Illustrated by Jess Fogel, appeared in issue Wired; published in 2008; filed under Internet culture; tagged activism, Blogging, commenting, feminist blogosphere, gendered space, internet, internet culture, Kathy Sierra, online intimidation, trolling.
We were under attack. It was late on an August night. I was trying not to come down with a cold and just about to go to bed. But I was also guest-blogging at Feministe that week, so I logged on to check my e-mail and moderate comments one last time before I turned in. I was already overwhelmed. Between writing timely posts, separating the trolls and spammers from the innocents in the moderation filter, and trying to maintain a civil debate between polarized commenters on my threads, I was marveling that anyone could do this week in and week out and still keep a day job.

Then I got word that a loosely organized cybermob known as Anonymous was attempting to crash feminist sites, including Feministe, flooding comments sections with misogynist rants and threatening feminist bloggers with rape and other violence. This had happened before, but never with such organized force. Privately, we worried about our safety and strategized about how to defend our sites and ourselves. Publicly, we decried these attacks in blog after blog. We knew our attackers wanted to silence us, and we refused to give them that satisfaction.

It turned out that we were wrong. Wrong about what their goals were and wrong about what our response should have been.

Sex, Dreads, and Rock 'n' Roll

Article by Annie Tomlin, published in 2002; filed under Internet culture; tagged diy, porn, subculture, suicide girls, web, webcams.
Suicide Girls' live nude punks want to be your porn alternative

“People think I have the greatest job in the world,” says “Spooky” Suicide. On any given day, he’s busy coding, designing, or holding up the business end of his website. It doesn’t sound too glamorous—until you realize that his site, Suicide Girls, is probably the best known in a growing trend in adult entertainment: alternative, independent web porn. Of course, amateur pornography is nothing new—the popularity of home videos and webcams have made it relatively easy and cheap to produce—but the average amateur site doesn’t feature girls with baby-blue dreadlocks and septum piercings. As one Suicide Girls slogan declares, “We’ve kidnapped your daughter and given her a tattoo.”

The Washingtonienne

Article by Juliet Eastland, published in 1999; filed under Internet culture; tagged blogs, capital P politics, interns, sex and etiquette, washington dc.
Blogs, Boys and Bad Manners

“I have a ‘glamour job’ on the Hill. That is, I could not care less about gov or politics, but working for a Senator looks good on my resume. And these marble hallways are such great places for meeting boys and showing off my outfits.” So begins The Washingtonienne, the short-lived blog of one Jessica Cutler, a young Capitol Hill Staff Assistant since dubbed the “New-insky” for her chronicling of kinky sex among D.C.’s power elite.

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