Bitch Radio Episode 1: Wired and Inspired

As the Wired issue departs from the newsstands, we present you with Bitch's first foray into audio, featuring highlights from the issue — including a feature on Second Life ("Same Shit, Different World"), the exploration of the Feminist Porn Awards ("Adult Education"), and book and music reviews — all read by dulcet-toned Bitch staffers and friends. Also included are person-on-the-street ruminations on the question of what the advent of the Internet has meant, both good and bad, for girls and women. And all this audio goodness is set to the ambient sounds of Eats Tapes. So take a listen to our first-ever podcast, and let us know what you liked, what you'd like to hear more of, and whether we've taken too many of our vocal cues from the ladies of Saturday Night Live's "Delicious Dish."


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About Porn Awards...

I don't think you actually understand feminism at all, so before you go off about all the reasons it is invalid, you may want to try to first get an idea of its scope. Lots of info on the internet...

Feminism has been around long enough now that there are many different angles to it. For instance, ddt is right in saying that porn didn't have a place in feminism in the 80's (I sat through lectures on porn in my Women's Studies course that now would sound like some kind of anti-porn propaganda). I remember, maybe 8 years ago, reading about feminist porn and realizing that something I'd been taught was BAD BAD BAD for women was now a form of empowerment.

I am a feminist AND I accept that women and men have a lot of biological differences. What I can't accept is, that those differences justify the imbalance of power that occurs in our society. What I've learned is that no matter what the differences are, they will be used to prop men up and bring women down. So, if a woman is "good with her hands" she should sew and knit or type, but of course, she shouldn't be a surgeon (I'm using an old-fashioned example that hopefully also shows how much feminism has improved the situation). Or, in the case of a rape, the man is unable to control his response because of his instinctual desires, and it must be the fault of the woman, who has enticed him (this argument has been used in court to defend even the rape of a child).

You know, I think a lot of it comes down to choice and privilege. What are your privileges in life, and what kinds of choices does that privilege allow you to make? An awareness of that sort is the first step towards leveling the field.

I would LOVE to listen to

I would LOVE to listen to the podcast, but I had to stop before the intro was finished - the synthesized music (and I use that term very loosely) is obnoxious.

I love to listen

I didn't like the music, but that wasn't reason enough to tune out! The letter distinguishing eating past fullness from a psychological disorder was excellent. I was well into the story about SL when the phone rang and I had to answer, but found the subject interesting...

There are many times when I've just had enough visual stimuli from the computer that I don't want to read but would like someone to read to me, or read me the newspaper, or read me anything intelligent and thoughtful.

The various readers could use some coaching and/or direction...reading too fast, sounding like you just want to get it over with...I'm at the other end of the spectrum with my's more performance, improv, relational...but I enjoyed this and will check back, for sure...


This will be perfect to listen to during my time that is wasted on public transportation.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Bitchfest audiobook!

Can you make it Zune-compatible?

I can't play the podcast on my Zune. It says the file is invalid or corrupt. Help?

great job!

your foray into podcasting is my foray into actually being interested in podcasts. thanks, bitchcrafters!

- Ell

First Podcast

I just got the chance to listen yesterday and I'm so thrilled you're putting out a podcast! In the future, though, I hope it will expand to include content beyond what's already in the magazine. I fast-forwarded through a lot of the segments because I'd already read them, and I think if you get creative with it you could do things with the podcast that wouldn't have worked in print, which sounds more fun & worthwhile than using it to rehash content you've already put out.

The "person on the street" interviews about the internet were my favorite things this time around (aside from the outtakes, anyway) and I'm looking forward to your next episode!


this was great, and my only complain was that even with my volume turned up all the way it was a little hard to hear had the sound of being recorded from a distance or something similar to that

but other than that, I loved it!

I LOVE the outtakes

Very cute!

If you haven't listened to it yet, it's worth the wait 'til the end.