Bitch Radio Episode 2: The Genesis of Genesis

Although the Genesis issue is off the newsstands, we present you with Bitch's second foray into audio, The Genesis of Genesis. This episode features a conversation about summer superhero movies, a literal interpretation of Genesis, and a blast from Bitch's past. We also take to the streets to ask people, "When does life begin?" Woven throughout are the sounds from Bitch for the Birds and Sugar Short Wave. So take a listen, and let us know what you liked, and what you'd like to hear in future episodes.


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Pepper Potts

I think Pepper Potts was sold short, there was a lot going on with her character. No, she was not the main, but she was no simpering squealing Mary Jane or tragic death Rachel Dawes either. Yes, she was forced to run about and help save the day -in heels- but she did it. We should demand better, but she wasn't half bad.



ah diversity

That was a fun podcast! I wanted to jump in on the superhero discussion! I also want a mariachi superwoman...I love the idea of her having a guitar and singing ballads or triumphal songs per her mood...and making tortillas...brilliant...have you ever seen the film The Bandit Queen?

I also really liked asking people on the street when life begins...what a good way to remind us about diversity...we get so dualized/polarized just exposed to mainstream media...

music was fun, too!


Hey guys!
OH MAN, I just can't tell you how excited I am that you're doing podcasts. I'm not even a huge podcast fan or anything, I barely get myself to NPR online often enough, but THIS is something I really want to listen to. I hope after the big fund-raising wigout that you'll have time to create more of these. I can't wait to send them to my friends.
And I resubscribed so I'm really excited to be getting the mag again!
Thanks so much for all your hard work.

Comic Book Movies

I enjoyed the segment on superhero films. I used to be a really hardcore comic book reader when I was in high school and university, and part of the reason I stopped reading was because the misogyny and sexism in mainstream superhero comic books got too aggravating, and with comic books being a pricey hobby, it soon wasn't worth it to continue to read the same crap over and over again. I do still go see most of the comic book movies, because I still enjoy the genre, and those were characters I grew up reading. I just wish things would change for women characters in comic books, superhero films, and the entertainment industry in general.

In reference to comic books,

In reference to comic books, I recommend checking out, if you haven't already. I was seriously excited when I found it (it was so nice to know there was a feminist movement in the comic book world!)

Yeah, I've heard about it. It's a great site! One of my acquaintances actually helps run it. I'm kind of too jaded (and don't want to spend money on single issues anymore) at this point to try and seriously get back into comics, but I have bought a lot of collected editions of some series that I missed after I quit reading them avidly years ago. So basically, I don't have a lot of current knowledge on what's happening in comics. Having said that, I do enjoy reading Girl-Wonder's blog posts, even if I have no idea about current storylines. =)

Hello Andi Z and other Bitch folks

Just wanted to send some love and say I love the magazine, which I discovered on a trip to Portland. Martha Jones (now Chong) pointed out, Andi, that you attended RCDS... my, how we've all changed and thrived despite that! :-)

Just wanted to say hi, and kudos, and thanks... and yes, I will be donating and spreading the word. (I already have a subscription, of course.)

-Andrea Miralia