Bitch Magazine Radio Episode 3: The Dark Noise by Bitch Magazine


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Something I was late...

I do not remember that with me was on first of January, but I precisely know that podcast I yet did not listen to this... Thanks, have pleased!

The Dark Noise Podcast

The podcast is great! Can't wait to hear the next one!

Queer feminist podcast from Sweden

Congratulations to your Radio show! I am a Swedish radio producer and journalist working with the Swedish queer feminist magazine Ful and we also produce a podcast called Fulradio. So far it is in Swedish but if you want to check it out, you will find us at The sound design is made by Berlin based group Rhythm King And Her Friends. Looking forward to hear more radio episodes from you!
Best wishes,
Malin, Gothenburg, Sweden


You guys need to plug your casts more - and do more of them!

I was wondering if you all have recommendations for good/interesting/intelligent podcasts (like these) out there on the web?

The Bugle and RadioLab

These are my ABSOLUTE favorite podcasts:

The Bugle is two British guys (one in NY and one in London) just talking about news headlines mostly. One is John Oliver (from The Daily Show) the other is Andy Zaltzman. These guys are super smart (both Cambridge educated, I think), politically astute and inCREDibly funny. I look forward to Mondays just so I can get my 'Bugle Fix'.

RadioLab is made by WNYC, and features a different theme theme for each episode and looks at it from a scientific point of view. Past themes have included investigations of stuff like 'Time', 'Placebo', 'Mortality' etc. Not only is the content of this show amazing, but the sound design/effects are done in a really innovative way. Hosted by Jad Abumrad (responsible for all the really creative stuff done with the sound) and Robert Krulwich.

I'd love to hear what other podcasts people like as well!


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Pod people

I also totally love Radio Lab and The Bugle. (That last one is thanks to you, Briar!)

I also like the Savage Lovecast, PRI Selected Shorts, The Moth, The Slate Daily Podcast, Grammar Girl, New Yorker Fiction, and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me.

Hooray Podcasts!

Kelsey Wallace, contributor

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My favorites include ...

... This American Life is always good. I also recommend RH Reality Check's RealityCast (Hosted by the awesome Amanda Marcotte), and The Sound of Young America for a whole lotta' funny from a wide range of guests familiar and not-so-familiar. There's even part of a September 2006 show that featured Bitch!